Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer, Tommy D. Reynolds, CPA

Mr. Tommy D. Reynolds will be the Chief Financial Officer for the Company. Mr. Reynolds is an accomplished senior executive with over 35 years of financial experience and an exemplary track record of increasing profitability and market share through strategic planning and financial management.

Mr. Reynolds has expertise across all finance and accounting functions, including financial planning and analysis, IPO’s, administration, controls and procedures, due diligence, contracts, negotiations, strategic alliances, acquisitions, capital raising, budgeting, forecasting, auditing and compliance, as well as legal functions, information systems and investor relations. For these reasons, the Company believes that Mr. Reynolds will be an extremely valuable addition to the management team of the Company

From 2009 to 2014, Mr. Reynolds was the Chief Financial Officer/Consultant for Bruce Foods Corporation, a multi-plant bottling, canning and processor of specialty food products located in St. Martinville, Louisiana. In his capacity, Mr. Reynolds was responsible for this organization’s strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, financing, accounting, audit, credit, reporting, tax, risk management, compliance, and financial relationships. Personal highlights during this period included the achievement of $1 million in interest expenses and cost savings, an increase in the firm’s credit facility of $60 million and a successful exit strategy for this enterprise and its owners.

Previous to this, from 2006-2009, Mr. Reynolds was the Chief Financial Officer and a Member of the Board of Directors for AFCO Industries, Inc, one of the largest building product manufacturers in the United States based in Alexandria, Louisiana. During this period, Mr. Reynolds was responsible for the strategic planning, forecasting, budgeting, financing, accounting, investor relations, risk and compliance, information systems, strategic relationships and fiduciary responsibility for this 100% owned ESOP. Notable accomplishments included negotiating the retirement of the four original founders, which saved the firm $1 million annually and the installation of the first independent Board of Directors in 60 years.

Prior to this position, from 1998-2004, Mr. Reynolds was the Chief Financial Officer and a Member of the Board of Directors for Allen Canning, one of the nation’s largest multi-plant canning firms in the U.S., located in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. During this time period, Mr. Reynolds was responsible for all of this firm’s financial and compliance functions, which included corporate financing for a $150 million transaction and a $60 million line of credit with five major banks.

From 1979-1998, Mr. Reynolds held various positions such as Vice President of Finance, Treasurer, Executive Committee Member and Director of Internal Audit for Hudson Foods, one of the largest meat processors in the United States, which was sold to Tyson Foods in 1997. In these various positions, Mr. Reynolds led this organization’s first Initial Public Offering as well as subsequent offerings, managed the financing and construction of a $150 million processing complex, oversaw a $200 million line of credit with seven major banking institutions and contributed to the firm’s growth from $100 million to $1.7 billion.

Mr. Reynolds will be responsible for the development, installation and maintenance of all financial, legal, insurance and administrative functions for the Company. This individual will also be responsible for the banking, cash, securities, audit, governmental regulations and tax relationships as well as all operating and cash flow budgets and their analysis for the Company.

Mr. Reynolds will report directly to Bryan Crittenden, the Chief Executive Officer of the Company.