Executive Chairman

Chairman & Founder, Vincent Rosato

Mr. Vincent Rosato is the Chairman and Founder of the Company. Mr. Rosato is a results-oriented professional and brings numerous skill sets and talents to the Company.   Mr. Rosato has been the architect of the Company’s overall vision and mission and will continue to do so in the future for the Company.

Since the Company’s inception, Mr. Rosato has been responsible and instrumental in the design and development of the Company’s product development and proprietary formulations, business model formulation construction, management recruitment and selection, national and international distribution agreements, manufacturing contracts and all fund-raising efforts.

Since 2009, Mr. Rosato has been the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Rising S.A. LLC, based in Reading, Pennsylvania. The firm specializes in business model innovation and deployment functions, market research, product development, commercial and residential real estate management, public relation activities and governmental affairs. In his capacity, Mr. Rosato is accountable for all of this organization’s corporate functions, sales events and overall financial activities.

Previous position held by Mr. Rosato has been the Chief Executive Officer of Argentina Connection S.A. LLC, an international trade route establishment which focused on product importing, governmental entrepreneur programming exchanges, IT & web system commercial integration deployments, and international public relations & humanitarian endeavors.

Other prior positions occupied by Mr. Rosato, from 1990-1997 have included posts as an IBM Sales Representative with product introduction, targeted vertical market penetration, client generation and divisional oversight responsibilities. In this capacity, Mr. Rosato was awarded the President’s Club Distinction for Exceptional Sales Performance. In addition, Mr. Rosato and has also been a licensed Pennsylvania realtor specializing in commercial real estate throughout the State of Pennsylvania.

As Founder and Chairman of the Company, Mr. Rosato will conduct and be held accountable for all of the customary functions and responsibilities associated with this position