Management Team

management-team-in-board-roomThe management team is comprised of proven, seasoned, industry-savvy professionals with excellent experience in product development, finance, operations, technology and sales and marketing functions. They are now ready to introduce the Company’s products on a national and international basis using their combined talents, contacts, passion and commitment.

The management team has the conceptual expertise capable of expanding the Company as well as the operational skills necessary to produce exceptional profit levels and return on invested capital necessary to justify the rapid growth of the Company.

The development and expansion of the Company requires expertise in many different areas. Due to the scope and size of the concept and business model, in the beginning stages, many specialized companies and talented individuals will be sub-contracted by the management team of the Company. This will be done in order to maximize results as well as reduce the start-up costs and overhead of the Company in its initial phases.




Mr. Bryan Crittenden will be the Chief Executive Officer of the Company.  From 2010 to 2014, Mr. Crittenden was the Chief Operating Officer and CFO for Alasko Foods, the largest distributor and importer of frozen fruits and vegetable in Canada with revenues of $90 million.  From 2008-2010, Mr. Crittenden was the President and CEO for Cheeseworks, an $80 million distributor and importer of specialty foods and Laura Secord, an $80 million chocolate retailer with 130 stores in Canada.  During this time, Mr. Crittenden rebuilt both businesses simultaneously, which led to the successful sale of Laura Secord.  From 2004-2008, Mr. Crittenden was a Vice President for the Hershey Company with responsibility for building profitable and scalable growth in targeted developing markets. A previous position was Senior Vice President and CFO for Danone Waters of North America where he led the transformation of Danone’s $1 billion water business in North America.



Mr. Tommy D. Reynolds will be the Chief Financial Officer for the Company.  From 2009 to 2014, Mr. Reynolds was the Chief Financial Officer/Consultant for Bruce Foods Corporation, a multi-plant bottling, canning and processor of food products. From 2006-2009, Mr. Reynolds was the Chief Financial Officer and Board Member for AFCO Industries, Inc, one of the largest building product manufacturers in the U.S. From 1998-2004, Mr. Reynolds was the Chief Financial Officer and Board Member for Allen Canning Company, one of the nation’s largest multi-plant canning firms in the U.S. During this time period, Mr. Reynolds was responsible for the financing of a $150 million transaction and $60 million line of credit.  From 1979-1998, Mr. Reynolds held various positions such as Vice President of Finance, Treasurer, Executive Committee Member and Director of Internal Audit for Hudson Foods, one of the largest meat processors in the United States.



Mr. Sal Fiordelisi will be the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Company.  From 2004-2014, Mr. Fiordelisi was the Executive Vice President of Consulting for GFK Custom Research, a leading global research consultancy with revenues of $2 billion and 10,000 employees.  Previous to this, from 2000-2004, Mr. Fiordelisi held the post of Executive Consultant for Meridian Consulting Group, a $15 million boutique consulting firm based in Westport, Connecticut.  From 1994-1999, Mr. Fiordelisi was the Senior Brand Manger for Lipton Soups & Recipes for UniLever North America.  His accomplishments included an increase in the brand profitability of Lipton Soup & Recipe Secrets by 7%. Prior to this, from 1990-1994, Mr. Fiordelisi held the positions of Brand Manager and District Sales Manager for Nestle Waters’ Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water and was Associate Brand Manager for the Poland Spring Water brand.



Mr. Vincent Rosato is the Chairman and Founder of the Company.  Since the Company’s inception, Mr. Rosato has been responsible for the design and development of the Company’s innovative product advancement and proprietary formulas, business model incubation, management recruitment and selection, national and international distribution agreements, manufacturing contracts and all fund-raising efforts.