Alkaline Spring Water

Excelsior Bottled WaterClean drinking water is an essential component of human survival and paramount health. Better water grants a better life to those who consume it. Excelsior Water, produced by Brick House Water Company and distributed by Solution Distribution, is a naturally alkaline-rich water that tastes great because the earth’s organic geology deep within the Cockeysville soft-marble aquifer has perfectly blended vital minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Brick House Water Company’s bottling plant is situated less than half a mile from the only known natural spring source of this water in the State of Maryland.

Scientists have estimated that the water which springs forth on the 107 acre Brick House Farm in Howard County, Maryland has passed through a 500,000 year hydrological cycle in order to grant our taste buds the pleasure of drinking water that is rife with health benefits and second to none in taste.


Currently, we should not underestimate the contribution alkaline rich water makes to the human physiology. Because day after day, more data is generated in the scientific community which trumpets the value of having the proper range of alkalinity in the human diet, especially through drinking water. Every system in the human biology is undeniably bolstered when hydrated by superior water and Excelsior is the best water money can buy in the United States of America. When we regularly consume the healthiest water we possibly can, we unleash cellular functioning deep within human microbiology which undoubtedly increases the quality of life we enjoy.

Even more impressive is the fact that wholesome and superb tasting Alkaline Spring Water simultaneously presents us with a genuine opportunity for the escalation of overall life-expectancy while it certainly bestows us with a deep-seated resistance against many negative side effects or diseases that present themselves after years and decades spent filling our human gas-tanks with inferior, sometimes down-right harmful excuses for palatable drinking water. Regular ingestion of alkaline-rich Excelsior Water results in noticeable benefits being experienced by all human body functions.