Beverage Lines

brickhouse-farm-ownerThe Natural Springs at Brick House Farm have been utilized since one of the founding fathers of the American Revolution, Charles Carroll, documented their existence during the 18Th Century, when he built and subsequently inhabited the first home-site on the rolling expanse of historic scenic farmland.

Excelsior natural Brick House spring water is bottled only at the source, which constantly flows from the renowned Cockeysville Aquifer, which is considered to be one of the highest quality bedrock, soft-marble, aquifers (Cockeysville) in the country.

The calcium-rich Cockeysville Aquifer is capable of storing and generating vast amounts of naturally pure fresh water through geologically formed fractures and solution cavities. Alkaline-rich water which is captured from Brick House Farm’s natural spring contains a spontaneously occurring and perfectly palatable blend of essential minerals, which yields what has been previously heralded as the best tasting, highest quality water selection available in any of the planet’s international marketplaces.

The pristine spring is an exceptional geologic phenomenon caused by the contact of the highly productive water-bearing zones, which flow freely upon the surface of Charles Carroll’s 18th Century Brick House Farm, where it is collected in a stainless steel tank before it is bottled on-site in a state-of-the-art distribution facility.