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Clean drinking water is an essential component of human survival and paramount health.

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Indian Gold Mate

Solution Distribution’s Indian Gold Mate is brewed from the finest Argentine Yerba Mate available in the world.


Mama Cat Mavi

Mauby is often bought as a pre-made syrup and then mixed with water (sparkling or still) to the consumer’s taste, but many still make it themselves at home.

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The Healthy Energizer

The energizing effects of Yerba Mate are longer lasting than traditional caffeine beverages, and are found by most to be free from side effects such as, the jitters, mood swings, addiction, and post stimulation fatigue. The bottom line is, Yerba Mate gives you energy that really feels good.

Yerba Mate has 3 xanthine alkaloids, working together with a rich host of nutritional components, creating the unique healthy energizing effect. The xanthines are caffeine, theobromine and Theophylline. Mate is low in caffeine, and theophylline, yet high in theobromine, which has less effect on your nervous system than caffeine. A hypothesis exists that Yerba Mate contains its own unique xanthine alkaloid that hasn’t been clinically identified yet.